Transform your soul, your lifestyle and your ministry.

As a leader, you want to make a difference but the pace of life is draining you dry. More than once, you may have faced burn out or considered walking out.
You have the practical skills to lead others but are missing the experiential opportunity to care for yourself, for your soul.
You need to join a Soulistic Leadership Journey.
Simply Soulistic…transforming soul care…is what today’s Christian leaders are missing.

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Soulistic Leadership

Soulistic Leadership journeys are training experiences for leaders who desire to understand the soul and it’s connection to leadership.

Soulistic Learning

Soulistic Learning Gatherings are workshops, seminars and/or retreats that allow individuals to soak in as much of the Simply Soulistic philosophy as possible during intensive smaller group gatherings.

Soulistic Living

Soulistic Living encounters are one-on-one, slower paced journeys.

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