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Lifestyle, ministry & soul transformation through balance, consistency & discipline.

Soulistic development and soul care for pastors and Christian leaders through workshops, seminars, individual counseling, and spiritual direction.

“…Pastors and ministry leaders are at risk of burnout, relational breakdown or spiritual problems.” –2017 State of Pastors, Barna Research

Church leaders work hard. Many pastors work 60-70 hours a week in addition to taking care of a family. The spouses of these pastors are left carrying the majority of the family needs load. This lifestyle is a precursor to burnout. It strains and drains both people and leaves the relationship wide open to breakdown. However, long before either of these leaders will call out for help, they try to handle it on their own. Initially it might include medicating with substance or mind-numbing activities.

Eventually the relational breakdown, even though well disguised, seeps into the ministry. The leader begins pulling away from close friends. The previous passion for ministry is replaced with overwhelm and stress. This clouds the vision to minister and care for people and inner turmoil becomes the driving force. These leaders isolate, cheat on their spouses, suffer from anxiety, and sometimes are fired. Eventually something has to give. The leader often faces an ultimatum: choose the family or the church, but the spouse cannot survive the current lifestyle.

How it works

Simply Soulistic begins by developing pastors, Christian leaders, and their spouses with the abilities to avoid burnout and breakdown. On completion, they will have learned and incorporated healthy rhythms of self-care, identified seasons of capacity, and incorporated boundaries to keep their character in check. They will have established spiritual safeguards to keep them from “going through the motions” in their ministry. Churches will see reduced costs related to turnover and finally see a dent make in the divorce rate of pastors and Christian leaders. Individuals will be healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally. This is the first step in shepherding the shepherds into a deeper spiritual transformation in order to present mature leaders for ministry. Soulistic Leadership is one part of the solution.

A prevalent theory of leadership assumes the capacity for leadership is something one is born with—great leaders are born, not made. Whether leaders are born or made is not as important as the truth that leaders grow. The truth for you is that you desire to honor God with the responsibility he has given you.

You have made an intentional decision to step forward into the practice of leading as a whole person rather than compartmentalizing what you do.

The truth is, because of your commitment to God’s purpose in the world, you are a leader; you do not simply do leadership.

What’s next

Many churches offer excellent opportunities to train leaders and contribute to the development cycle of ministry leaders. Most programs offer basic leadership skills, teach about small group dynamics, the responsibilities of the facilitator/leader, and how to deal with problems in small groups. While all this is important and necessary, this represents just one side of the leader—the doing side.

Soulistic Leadership is a model of leadership demonstrating how we lead from who we are as a whole person.* As a person, there are many facets of our lives to consider. For example, our age and stage of life, family and/or career, and physical and emotional health also play a part in who we are. Early life experiences also leave an imprint on how we relate to people and circumstances. Just as we get routine checkups at the doctor, it is important to perform regular holistic checkups at the soul level.

The Soulistic Leadership journey, whether it is in a small group over six sessions, with one-on-one counseling, or involving intentional mentoring, will encourage and train individuals to lead from a place of authenticity and soul health. Living a life that is Simply Soulistic is a life that is happy, healthy, and whole.

*Simply Soulistic Leadership is Sharon’s unique model of leadership based on biblical concepts and elements of relevant soul care literature. Participants live out caring for his/her soul in a holistic manner through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and a life of balance, consistency, and discipline in the physical, mental, emotional, and relational aspects of his/her being.

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