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The Soulistic Leadership Journeys are training experiences for leaders who desire to understand the soul and its care. They are also for those who desire to lead from a place of physical, mental, emotional, and relational health. This holistic care of our souls enables us to lead others well and avoid pitfalls and burnout that often comes with leadership. Groups and individuals benefit from this resource, which serves as a self-guided journey of soul care.



“All that remained were shattered plates and a dying soul. I was flat on my back in my soul and succumbing to full-blown physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.”
— Sharon Houk, Author

This was the turning point for Sharon who invites us on a poignant personal journey of holistic soul care. Masterfully weaving together her story with six dynamic biblical principles. 

Soulistic Leadership delves deep into the personal side of ministerial leadership, uncovering where pitfalls and uneven balance can cause the downfall of a leader’s physical, mental, emotional, and relational health.

Soulistic Leadership is designed to guide you to the deepest Spiritual transformation of your life as you:

  • Recognize and respond to symptoms of your soul: burnout, loneliness, stress, exhaustion
  • Determine where your past is still infecting your present: co-dependency, addictions, communication breakdown
  • Identify your best life rhythms and reignite your passion for life
  • Learn how to rest and refuel your soul

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“I cannot  think of even one leader who would not greatly benefit from Soulistic Leadership!”

— Jim Burns, PhD. President, HomeWord

What Others are Saying About Soulisitic Leadership

Soulistic Leadership is a book so appropriate for our time. We all have opportunities to lead and Sharon shows us how to lead from a place of balance, consistency and discipline. It is in our journey through the wilderness that our soul is refined and we emerge whole, having refined our call in that holy place. Thank you Sharon for giving us such a practical and meaningful guide to healthy living and healthy leadership.

Joel BagleyFounder, Roadmap to Recovery

Personal. Practical. Integrative. Foundational. This is not another spinning plate; it will help you know why you spin plates anyway and which plates you need to drop.

Kent Walkemeyer, PhDProfessor of Theology Azusa Pacific Seminary

Simply Soulistic is a wonderfully engaging book that keeps the principle of growth front and center.

Kevin Mannoia, PhDProfessor of Ministry, Chaplain, Author, Azusa Pacific University

The biggest impact Soulistic Leadership had on me was introducing Sabbath to my family.

Scott ASoulistic Leader Attendee

It was like turning on a light in a dark room. I can't believe no one has ever taught me about prayer walking. My prayer life will never be the same.

Brian MSoulistic Leader Attendee

Soulistic Leadership is a handbook for every leader regardless of where you are in your spiritual or leadership journey. It will challenge you to examine the health and care of your soul, and help you put into practice the critical disciplines every leader needs to maintain it.

Shelly JusciewiczPastor of Community Life and Leadership Development Mariners Church, Irvine, CA

Houk’s practical, step-by-step approach to soul care for leaders is particularly useful in developing personalized plans for becoming the leaders God wants and we desire to be.

Don Thorsen, PhDProfessor of Theology, Azusa Pacific Seminary, Author



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